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Filter Khaini Of Packaging

HUNTECH ENGEENIERS is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting
of Packaging Machinery.

Filter Khaini Machine


Filter Khaini, Naswar etc.

Pouch Width 12 mm to 18 mm
Pouch Length 25 mm to 35 mm
Film Width 30 mm to 40 mm
Filling Volume 0.2 gm to 1.0 gm
Packing Speed up to 300 pouches per minutes
Air Connection 6 Bar
Packing Material Non Woven Fabrics
Power Load 2.5 KW, 440V, AC
Weight of M/c 525 KG
PLC Mitsubishi Japan
HMI Mitsubishi Japan
Geared Motor : Bonvario (Italian)
A.C. Drive : Fuji (Japanese)
Pneumatic : Festo (German) , SMC (Japanese)
Sensor : P&F (German)
Temperature controller : Omron PID (Japanese)
Contact parts : Stainless steel 304 Food Grade
Auto Counting system
Conveyor system


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